Medical Assistant/Office Clerk

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  1. Collect co pays from patients and balance at the end of the day.

  2. Schedule return and new office visits, consults.

  3. Arrange for and schedule for special test that are requested by Doctors.

  4. Separate & distribute incoming faxes.

  5. Answer phones.

  6. Put charts together after initial visits, enter appropriate information in the computer on a daily basis.

  7. Put charts together for hospital visits, enter appropriate information in the computer on a daily basis.

  8. Schedule follow up appointments for hospital visits if needed.

  9. Translate for nurses, doctors and staff members (if able to)

  10. Coordinates with medical staff to ensure quality patient care and services are provided.

  11. Serves as a liaison between clinic and external agencies.

  12. Scan in incoming paperwork in proper order

  13. Maintains the strictest confidentiality.

  14. Performs other duties as assigned.

In the beginning of each month help with:

  1. Verify/document eligibility (HMO, PPO, POS, Mcal, Medicare, etc.)

  2. Verify appropriate referral status in chart + charge ticket

Referrals department:

  1. Prepare fax and follow up on authorizations for all providers

  2. Prepare paperwork for labs, x-rays and etc.

  3. Pull charts/paperwork for preparation of referrals.

Full time
11 Sep 2023
San Bernardino County (San Bernardino, California)
  • Hematology Oncology

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