It doesn’t matter how you want to practice…large group, small group, solo practitioner, rural clinic, hospital based or academic practice. Inland Southern California has a place for you in the place you really want to live. Have you considered the kind of practice that would be right for you?

Work Here, Live Here

Forget the commute… live in the community you practice. Because of the reasonable cost of living compared to the more densely populated parts of Southern California, you will have a higher quality of life no matter where you practice and live.

Physician Community

Inland Southern California physicians are committed to working together to solve our physician shortage crises as well as the many other challenges facing physicians and the health of our community. Working together in organized medicine, the physicians of the Riverside County Medical Association and San Bernardino County Medical Society are here to support you and help your practice succeed.

Make A Difference

We Need You! Inland Southern California falls well below the recommended supply of primary care physicians and is one of two areas in California that falls short of the recommended supply of specialists. This shortage means you will have your pick of location, you will always have patients and your work will have a positive impact on your chosen community.

Would you like to be considered for other openings?

If you would like to be considered for positions that are not listed, please upload your resume. We are committed to addressing the physician shortage in the Inland Southern California. We will do our best to fit and match your needs.