Position Details
Job Code #: JC-173477
Position #(s): 028-213-8239-001
Salary: $27,754.00 – $41,812.00

# of Positions: 1
Work Location: Riverside County
Job Type: 12 Month Limited Term – Full Time


Job Description and Duties

The Medical Executive is the highest ranking medical clinical manager within a Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation adult institution. The Medical Executive reports directly to the institution healthcare Chief Executive Officer and receives functional clinical supervision from the Regional Director of Medical Services insofar as it pertains to standards of medical practice, optimal medical work processes, and achievement thereof. Incumbents direct all provider activity within the institution and ensures compassionate, safe, effective, timely, efficient, and equitable patient-centered care in conjunction with other health care discipline managers, and in coordination with custody, develops and maintains a competent provider team to deliver evidence-based, patient-centered care, and develops and implements clear and realistic performance expectations, issue letters of instruction and counseling memoranda, effectively recommends formal disciplinary action to the institution Chief Executive Officer, and upon delegation from the Chief Executive Officer, takes disciplinary action.

This position is located at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in Blythe, California.

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONIf you are a current or former state employee in this classification, then you may view vacancies and apply for them immediately without taking the assessment. (Please indicate your eligibility on your application, i.e., ‘Lateral Transfer,’ ‘Reinstatement,’ or ‘Reemployment’).

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About California Correctional Health Care Services - Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

California Correctional Health Care Services was created to restore a constitutional level of health care for more than 100,000 inmates in California's correctional facilities. Providing quality care for people who previously had no voice in their own care is a noble cause and epic in scope.  It requires individuals with an exceptional dedication to their profession and their patients


CVSP serves to enhance public safety and promote the successful community reintegration of those in our custody through education, treatment, and active participation in rehabilitative and restorative justice programs.  CVSP's Health Care Staff is comprised of a highly skilled team of dedicated primary care, nursing, dental, mental health, allied health, and non-clinical support professionals who work diligently to provider our diverse patient population with timely access to quality care.  We utilize a version of the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model called the Complete Care Model (CCM), which encourages multidisciplinary collaboration and a whole-person approach.  This is further bolstered by CCHCS' robust and ever-evolving Quality Management Program, supporting continuous process improvement initiatives and fostering positive change, leading to increased operational efficiencies and better patient outcomes.